The Rowan programme is for nature lovers aged between 6 and 12 years.

Nature exploration is so important for today's children. During this programme children will connect with nature and each other through a mixture of child-led activities and games, crafts, cooking, foraging, shelter-building and exploring. The private natural setting provides a safe space to explore and play, and children develop their own sense of risk and self-confidence through activities such as tree climbing and fire making.

Over the course of ten weeks children get a chance to experience time in nature, to master new skills and to discover new passions.


Rowan Programme planned for children 6 years and up

Dates: Wednesdays - 14th April thru 16th June 2021


Private site near Newcastle, Co Wicklow

Session Times: 11am to 2pm (3 hrs)


€200 per child (for the whole programme)

15% sibling discount off total rate

NOTE: Pogrammes are offered as an ENTIRE BLOCK. Due to high demand, a growing waiting list, and increasing operation costs, we cannot accommodate a "per day" rate. Spaces are given and held for the entire programme regardless of attendance. We don't want to exclude anyone, if this causes financial strain please contact us confidentially at

To sign up please contact