Autumn 2022

Fruit and nuts are ripening, leaves are turning, the weather is cooling. Autumn is a beautiful time in the woods. A time to prepare to hunker down for the winter, telling stories round the fire, cooking up hearty meals with foraged food. 

Autumn programmes are for children aged 6 and up. Older children and teenagers are always welcome to join in and help out if they wish. 

Autumn Programmes

Term dates: Monday 12th September to Friday 25th November (1 week break on the 31st October)


  • Monday: Birch, Roundwood 
  • Tuesday: Hawthorn, Roundwood
  • Wednesday: Rowan, Newcastle
  • Friday: Oak, Kilpedder/ Glenealy


  • Birch, Hawthorn and Oak €260 (4 hour session)
  • Rowan €210 (3 hour session)

We offer a 15% sibling discount.

NOTE: programmes are offered as ENTIRE BLOCKS, due to high demand, a growing waiting list, and increasing operation costs, we cannot accommodate a "per day" rate. Spaces are given and held for the entire programme regardless of attendance. We don't want to exclude anyone. If this causes financial strain please contact us confidentially at, to discuss a discounted rate or to pay in installments. 

To register for programmes or to be added to our wait list please contact or contact us here.