Elderberry Adult Nature Connection

We are delighted to bring you details of the Autumn Adult nature connection programme, "Elderberry"! This programme will be skills based, with each day focussing on one skill that we think might interest you. However there will still be plenty of time and space for sit spots, wanders and games. Nature connection will be woven through everything we do.You can sign up for individual days or for all 4. There will be a discount for signing up to all 4. See below for details.

We don't wish to exclude anyone so, if you need to ask for a discount for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to ask. If you would like to sign up to any or all of the Elderberry sessions, please fill in this  this form.


Individual days: €65 

All 4 days: €220 

To register for any or all of these sessions please fill in this form. Or contact us at if you would like any more information. More information on each day below!

Elderberry Nature Connection

Fire craft

Firecraft is about exploring different ways of making fires. We'll try out different lighting techniques from modern to ancient, as well as some basic uses for fire such as cooking and water purification.

Date: Sunday 11th September, 11am to 3pm

Location: Rathnew/ Newcastle

Food and Foraging

Taking a walk around our site, we will forage from the land and cook up some delicious food. We'll learn some easy food to forage around us, and talk about safe and responsible foraging, with plenty of time for cooking and connecting around the fire. 

Date: Saturday 8th October, 10am to 3pm

Location: Kilpedder

Survival and Shelter

For Survival and Shelter we will cover the "sacred order" of survival techniques, building shelters to protect from the elements, purifying water and making fire to keep warm and cook our food. We will also touch upon natural navigation for finding our way if we're lost.

Date: Sunday 13th November, 11am to 3pm

Location: Rathnew/ Newcastle


In the Woodcraft session we will be introducing some simple carving projects to keep or share with friends or family. We will talk about safe tool use and learn how to keep knives sharp.

Date: Saturday 10th December, 11am to 3pm

Location: Glenealy