Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal in nature. As the sap begins to rise, creatures emerge out of hibernation, and the first delicate shoots appear from the ground.

Likewise the wild children waken from their winter slumber with renewed vitality! They spend this time exploring and playing, using every corner of the woodland for creating, building and adventuring.

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The long lazy days of summer are set against the backdrop of constant birdsong, while shades of green adorn the forest canopy. 

3 trees children find it's a wonderful time to immerse themselves in nature, to really connect with the land. Summer days spent hiding, tracking and climbing will be remembered forever.

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The year is beginning to wind down. As the days become shorter, the animals are scurrying around the woods collecting food for their winter stores. 

3 trees children spend time around the fire, telling stories and crafting, observing with all their senses the changes going on in the land around them.

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All is still and quiet in the woods. The trees are bare, their brown leaves carpeting the ground at their feet, insulating the roots against the winter frost.

3 trees children must keep well insulated as well, and keep their inner fires smoldering through the cold times. Group games, long wanders, obstacle courses and hot food around the campfire ensure little fingers keep tingling.

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